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Euroclinic among the leaders in Social Responsibility in Greece!

Euroclinic among the leaders in Social Responsibility in Greece!

Athens Euroclinic among the leaders who shape Social Responsibility in Greece

The Euroclinic Group took the leap from theory to action, and stood out as one of the top 35 companies which contribute actively in shaping Social Responsibility in Greece, unveiling its plan during the relevant meeting organized by Boussias Communications at Maroussi Plaza on 27 February, during Marketing Week.

On the occasion of the 20-year anniversary since the establishment of the Athens Euroclinic, the Euroclinic Group Management chose to celebrate by offering the greatest gift it could provide, health, to the most sensitive part of our society, the children.

For the first time, three of the biggest child protection ambassadors in the country met under the same roof, since, as of 1 July 2018, the Euroclinic Group Management pledged to cover the entire range of annual diagnostic pediatric tests for the children supported by the Ark of the World, the Together for Children and The Smile of the Child associations in Attica.

The benefits of this act for society and children are multiple:

  • Medical support and early diagnosis of diseases for more than 1,100 children. Many of these children have suffered physically and mentally from domestic issues. All three organizations host children who have been removed from their families, so safeguarding their health to make them feel safe is their primary concern.
  • Healthcare services valued at more than €500,000 and medical check-ups for uninsured children. In these difficult times, many families are unable to provide insurance coverage to their children, which results in delays in finding funds for pediatric medical assistance.
  • Early diagnosis for children with severe congenital diseases and disabilities. Some children supported by the Together for Children association suffer from congenital diseases. Safeguarding their health with regard to their immune system is extremely important, so the course of the programs they take part in continues unobstructed.
  • Provision of all necessary medical tests for the children who have been removed from their families by prosecutor’s order, so that they are able to be admitted to these three organizations. Medical check-ups are essential for the admission of the children.
  • Annual check-up for school children, when vision or musculoskeletal problems are diagnosed. More than 1,000 children have now secured the annual check-up.
  • Special tests for pre-existing conditions, such as MRI and CT scans, blood tests and hormone testing.

The most significant benefit is that for the first time the Smile of the Child, the Together for Children and the Ark of the World associations have joined forces under the Euroclinic Group, continuing to support the children. This way, the major issue of finding the necessary daily resources for covering children’s healthcare needs is resolved and they have the chance to focus on their work, which is to heal the children’s scars so that they may grow up to be adults with a zest for life.

Ms. Eva Tsilikouna, Director of Marketing & Communication, Euroclinic Group, in her presentation analyzing the strategy and philosophy of the Group’s unique action, stated, “We believe that every institution that grows and progresses has the obligation to give back to society a part of its success. Through this initiative of the Euroclinic Group, more than 1,100 uninsured and long-suffering children have access to medical cover, check-ups and special tests. We are proud to have been chosen by these three organizations to contribute to their extremely important work.”