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Euroclinic Children’s Hospital: Significant donation of vaccines to The Smile of the Child association

Euroclinic Children’s Hospital

Actively supporting children in need from The Smile of the Child association, proceeding with a significant donation of vaccines

It is the second donation of vaccines in 2020

Showing unwavering commitment to children, even during the pandemic, the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital is continuing to support The Smile of the Child association, offering more than 120 vaccines to children in need.

As part of its specially designed Corporate Social Responsibility program launched in July 2018 for children hosted in shelters of The Smile of the Child, the Ark of the World and the Together for Children associations in Attica, even during the 2nd pandemic wave, the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital remains true to its commitment, actively supporting the immediate need for vaccination of the children cared for by The Smile of the Child.

The majority of these vaccines will cover children in need up to the age of 2, ensuring prevention against dozens of severe and potentially lethal infectious diseases. In accordance with the Ministry of Health circular with regard to immunized children and adults during the 2nd outbreak of the pandemic, and taking into account the recommendations of the National Vaccination Committee, all the population should be vaccinated against common infections that may be prevented with vaccines.

Note that this donation of vaccines is the second in 2020 for The Smile of the Child.

“As part of the corporate social responsibility initiatives it undertakes, the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital is actively participating in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by donating vaccines to the Smile of the Child. Vaccination is safe during the epidemic when all the guidelines for managing it are followed, and it must be performed early on. Interruption of vaccination may lead to potential epidemics of other diseases that have been eradicated with the use of vaccines. Naturally, in the coronavirus epidemic, the Healthcare System is even more strained,” stated the Director of the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Department, Ms. Eleni Tsapra.

Ms. Marina Mitrogiorgou, Pediatrician at The Smile of the Child Association, noted, “Euroclinic is a continuous supporter of the actions of our Organization and has been actively supporting the homes where our children are hosted, as well as the children from The Smile of the Child association who are being monitored at our medical clinic in the center of Athens. We sincerely thank the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital for the support all these years in the area of vaccination, as well as any other medical and nursing needs that may arise.”

The Chairman of The Smile of the Child Association, Mr. Kostas Giannopoulos, added, “We thank Euroclinic once again for its support. Euroclinic consistently supports the children who are growing up in our homes in Attica by covering their medical needs, as well as the children with severe health conditions that we support. Medical tests, vaccines and many other services are covered due to its significant and immediate contribution. In this case, Euroclinic once again responded to our request and donated 120 vaccines for the basic immunization of children who are medically monitored free of charge at our Association’s Medical Clinic. We are joining forces with Euroclinic, and together we manage to provide to the children whatever they need and are entitled to. Thank you!”