B2B Covid-19 tests

B2B Covid-19 tests


While the COVID-19 pandemic is still present, it is essential to take care of your staff and client’s safety.

At Euroclinic Group we offer fast, accurate & affordable on site covid-19 tests for a covid-free workplace, in order to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently

Why we excel:

  • Fully customized COVID-19 testing solutions with flexible technology options for an end to end service
  • Οn-site testing for Rapid Tests or PCR Tests
  • The highest level of test sensitivity and accuracy
  • Fast results (<2 hrs for Rapid Tests & <24hrs for PCR Tests)
  • Low price rates
  • Detailed Medical Report of the results upon end of the procedure
  • All tests are taken by trained professionals and analyzed at our in-house, certified Diagnostic Labs

Need more info / customised offer:

Charalampos Dounis
T: +30 210 6416 184, 180.
Μ: chdounis@euroclinic.gr / commercial@euroclinic.gr

The need:

Staying safe during the pandemic should be #1 priority for all of us. By providing fast, accurate, on site COVID-19 tests you ensure a COVID-19 free workplace which keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.

The proposal:

Fully customized COVID-19 testing solutions with flexible technology options for on-site testing:

  • Rapid Antigen Tests
  • PCR Tests

Regular personnel testing (ex. per week) or Testing on demand availability

Testing is also available at our clinic or via the drive through option

Why to choose Euroclinic Group:

Accurate results in less than 24 hours

All samples are processed in our in-house, state-of-the-art equipped and certified Diagnostic molecular Lab. Results are available within 24 hours for PCR tests and 2 hours for rapid tests. all results are sent via email.

Easy to book – high availability

A COVID -19 test can be booked via phone or email. Appointments are available from everyday, even weekends.

Drive Through COVID – 19 test Service

You can improve the convenience and safety of you and your personnel by choosing the Innovative service “Drive Through COVID – 19 test”. Get tested in less than 10 minutes, without even getting out of your car.

Low price rates

We offer special prices for businesses and organizations. Contact us directly in order to get an offer according to your needs.

Simplified procedures

We take up all necessary paperwork


Contact us for more info / offer:

Contact details

Charalampos Dounis
T: +30 210 6416 184/180
Μ: chdounis@euroclinic.gr / commercial@euroclinic.gr


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